First & foremost, Emmayarkay would like to say a big thanks for checking out his DJ profile….

“Soulful, bumpy, underground and atmospheric”

That’s how Emmayarkay would encapsulate his DJ style with just four words.

Having grown up surrounded by an eclectic mix of musical sounds ranging from soul, jazz, reggae and hip-hop to house, garage, drum and bass and jungle, Emmayarkay has developed a real passion, appreciation and respect for an array of musical genres.

Today this translates into sets where he wouldn’t be afraid to infuse some 80’s soul or a reggae dub on a current house track in order to fashion that Emmayarkay ‘twist’ whilst in the mix.

With his love for the underground music scene commencing from the early 90’s, particularly from listening to pirate radio stations like Dance 92, Kool, Sunrise and Fantasy fm, Emmayarkay loves nothing more than bringing the heat, the groove, the sounds and the mixes to keep your head nodding and body moving.

Emmayarkay is excited by what he sees to be a very vibrant and soul-stirring underground music scene at present and looks forward to hypnotizing your musical mind when he goes deep into the mix.


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